What are the home screen icon for Athletic Performance?

Last updated almost 5 years ago

Icon summary from left to right

  • History: View all sessions that are time and date stamped, see all your actions, and get an in depth look at your stats.
  • Smart Video Capture: Allow you to activate your camera and record using video capture. When you click start, the camera will continue to roll capturing your actions and auto clipping into your history.
  • Metrics: Here you can see all of the metrics you have selected through your metric settings, as well as the ability to tag your best actions.
  • Setting: A Clip tab, App tab, and User tab will be found in settings. You can see your user setting, identify or change clips, checks to make sure you are connected to a certain clip, organize your action metrics, personally design your app, and get help if needed.
  • The blue icons next to the metrics are the Metric definitions. This links to metrics definitions page that provides detail information about the current metric.

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