How do you create assessments?

Last updated over 2 years ago

How to create assessments 

1.     From the Dashboard screen, tap on Assessment.
2.     Tap on Manage Assessments.
3.     Tap on Plus sign.
4.     Fill in the New Assessment fields (About) of Title, Description, and Category/Tab Title.
5.     Optional: Tap on the Manage Categories hyperlink
6.     Optional: Swipe button to right to show Leaderboard to Students. Swipe to Left to turn off.
7.     Fill in the New Assessment fields (Details) by tap on Add File link to add file.  Under instructions describe how to complete this assessment in the open field. 
8.     Fill in the New Assessment fields (Scoring) of Unit of Measure, Value Decimal Places, Score Outcome, and Limits.
9.     Tap Save to complete. 

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