What is BodiTrak Dash?

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The BodiTrak Dash app is a combination of Blast Connect and BodiTrak pressure mat. The app provides video capture of real-time BodiTrak captures that can be shared with the Blast Connect service.

Blast Connect helps athletes, coaches, and academies “connect” by using a suite of software services to take training to the next level. It provides a set of coaching, analysis, communication, scheduling, and management modules, while enabling access to Blast sensor metrics and the content library, which can contain video, photos, and documents.

The BodiTrak pressure mat uses proprietary sensor technology for capturing real-time ground mechanics information by analyzing live pressure distribution between an athlete and the ground.

The Basics

BodiTrak Dash provides a rich user experience that allows you to understand pressure distribution and an analysis tool to manage metrics. The app automatically uploads mat data to the Blast Connect BodiTrak Capture Library. All Blast Connect subscribers have the option for video annotations on the app for on-the-go users. The app works with a subscription to Blast Connect and requires a BodiTrak mat. The app works with compatible wireless devices such as an iOS phone or iPad.



Key Features

The Key Features provide an overview of the important categories of the app. Here are the available Key features:

  • Simple first-time setup experience.
  • Connect to BodiTrak mat via Wi-Fi.
  • BodiTrak Dashboard manages all BodiTrak captures.
  • Video capture with real-time BodiTrak mat data graph.
  • Capture, setup, and edit – tag player and action types.
  • Timer option to start camera  recording screen.
  • Video recorder with annotation tool that includes:
    • Line drawing tool with five color options
    • Voiceover and screen recorder
    • Event tagging
    • Video Clipping
  • Import video support from camera roll and Blast Connect.
  • Upload BodiTrak video/ data captures to Blast Connect or export to Camera Roll.
  • Compare videos

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