How do you recalibrate the mat?

Last updated about 6 years ago

How to recalibrate the mat

The BodiTrak mat allows for any part of the mat to be the center.

  1. Select on Video Capture & Import icon.
  2. Tap on player and select an action to tap on “Capture button”
  3. Start recording video by tapping on the record button.
  4. While capturing on the BodiTrak mat, you can stand at any part of the mat and stay balanced (no movement).
  5. After completing the two seconds a blue box will show saying, “Steady” representing the new stop as the center of the mat.
  • Moving away from the calibrated stop will recalibrate the program towards the default center of the mat.
  • Shortcut: Double click outside of distribution graph to recenter the mat.

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