What are sensor errors of the Admin App?

Last updated almost 4 years ago

When the Admin App encounters an sensor errors you can tap on either the sensor tile to discover the issues or you can tap on the ‘errors’ tab where you will find details on the error the sensor encountered.

Red – Indicates the sensor has encountered an error.
Errors can also be see under the ‘errors’ tab found at the top.

  • If a sensor tile is red, the app has still uploaded the swings stored on the sensor. The sensor is ready to be distributed to a player or stored. You can tap on the sensor tile to see the error and try to reprocess that sensor. You can also wait for the next day to re-sync.

  • Yellow Triangle – Plane, Connection and Rotation scores are based on the level of play your player select in their account. Until your player sets their level of play, they will be scored on all Minor League level players. You will see the yellow warning icon until your player selects their level of play in their account.

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