About the EFT- Attachment Science in Practice course

Last updated about 3 years ago

Attachment Theory has emerged as the most profound, research-based understanding of how we develop as human beings – our emotions, our ways of thinking and acting and our habitual ways of engaging with others. Specifically, attachment science has cracked the code of love and loving, showing us how our sense of self develops and is continuously shaped in the dance with others. A sense of secure connection with others has been linked to resilience and a more coherent positive sense of self while a lack of secure attachment has emerged as a risk factor for every form of mental health problem.

Grounded with thirty years of process and outcome research, Dr Sue Johnson's Emotionally Focused Therapy, takes the attachment perspective out of the research lab into therapy sessions with individuals, couples, and families. Join Sue and learn how the principles of attachment theory translate into organic, on target interventions that allow therapists to create significant moments of change in every session.

In this introductory course, Sue outlines the principles of EFT and Attachment theory and how they help a therapist stay on target in every session. Using attachment science as a map to the emotional life of adults, Sue makes sense of problems and provides clear examples of how to create change, simplifying complex narratives of dysfunction and negative relationship cycles. Each week through beautifully crafted videos, animations, and therapy demonstrations, Sue outlines & demonstrates a simple set of macro & micro-interventions that have been shown to create intrapsychic and interpersonal change across all modalities.

As you learn, join our interactive online community by sharing your questions and experiences on our Forum, supported by our expert team of EFT trainers.