EFT- Attachment Science in Practice Course Goals

Last updated about 3 years ago

Participants will learn to:
  • Outline the principles of attachment theory and how they help the therapists stay relevant and on target in every session
  • Shape a safe haven alliance with clients fosters collaboration and full engagement in sessions.
  • Use the map provided by EFT and attachment science to formulate a coherent picture of cycles of dysfunction that offers clients a clear path towards health
  • Describe the 5 moves of the EFT Tango and how it goes to the heart of the matter of emotional disorders in individuals, and disordered relationships in couples and families
  • Outline how to create emotional balance in clients and also use the emotions to shape potent corrective emotional experiences
  • Pinpoint the 10 micro interventions that both create safety and set up challenge and exploration for clients
  • Describe how to craft potent change events in EFT sessions, - events that revise models of self and other
  • Discover how to move past blocks in the change process with numbed or agitated clients.
  • Outline how to work with difficult concerns, complex PTSD, chronic depression, escalated couples or chaotic families.