Tell me more about Sue Johnson's organisation ICEEFT

Last updated 6 months ago

ICEEFT was founded in 1998 by Dr. Sue Johnson and her colleagues in Ottawa, Canada, with a mission to expand and develop Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for the benefit of individuals, couples and families globally. By providing education and training to mental health professionals, certification for EFT therapists, and conducting clinical research, ICEEFT supports mental health professionals to facilitate meaningful connection between partners and within families.
With a philosophy that relationships are the core of human experience, ICEEFT is dedicated to understanding and enhancing couple and family bonds. This work is supported by decades of gold standard research that demonstrates the efficacy of EFT in supporting and developing emotional bonds key to relationships, mental and physical health. ICEEFT serves to further support and expand EFT, with therapists certified to provide respectful, empathetic therapy, creating positive outcomes for distressed and disconnected couples, and families worldwide.
ICEEFT works closely with communities and partners globally, striving to build public awareness of EFT and the key role it plays in strengthening human connection.