How much time should I dedicate to the course?

Last updated about 2 years ago

We recommend setting aside 1.5 – 3 hours per week depending on your course to stay up to date.
Our Signature courses are designed to provide the best possible learning experience, which is why the course must be completed in sequential order, no skipping ahead! Each week you will find yourself fully engaged while viewing entertaining videos, conducting experimental exercises and reviewing in-depth written materials.
At the end of the weekly releases, there is an additional 4-week grace period where the entire course is available for review. You can use this time to catch up on the course or dig deeper into some of the topics we have covered.  

Please note, we are unable to provide extensions, and at the end of the grace period, your course access will end.  We encourage all participants to be mindful of when their course access ends to ensure they have ample time to complete the course beforehand.