What’s your refund and cancellation policy?

Last updated about 3 years ago

If you’re unsatisfied or you’re unable to complete the course, we’re able to provide a full refund, providing you let us know within seven days of the course beginning.  After this time, if you’re unsatisfied, please contact the customer service team and we’ll work with you directly to resolve your issue. 

If you’re facing serious difficulties outside your control, please contact our customer service team.  Although we can’t give you a refund after seven days, we can discuss with you the possibility of deferring to a future course date. 

If Psychwire Australia PTY LTD has to delay the start date of a course, all registrants will be notified by email and you’ll be given an opportunity to request a refund.  If a course is cancelled, participants will be notified by email and full refunds will be given. 

To request a refund or deferral, click the blue circle at the bottom right of your screen, or email support@psychwire.org