What should I talk about in my video?

Last updated almost 4 years ago

The maximum length of a video is 60 seconds so it is important that you are clear and concise. Managers like candidates who showcase their personality in their videos. 

If you are not sure what to talk about, try mentioning a few of the following:

 • Introduce yourself by name
 • If you are looking for full time or part-time work
 • What city or region you are looking to work in
 • Qualities or skills that make you a good employee. Provide examples
 • Personal accomplishments
 • Special skills or certificates you have
 • Career and life ambitions
 • Interests and hobbies outside of the workplace
 • Why you chose to study and why you are interested.
 • Why you chose to work at a previous workplace 
 • Why you volunteered with certain organizations in the past

Don't overthink it; managers just want to get an idea of who you are. :)