How do you connect a sensor?

Last updated over 1 year ago

Once the Blast Baseball App is opened, you should be able to shake the sensor and it should connect.  Sometimes that doesn’t happen. The alternative way of connecting is a manual connection.

How do you connect a sensor (Analyze, Training, Live, & Swings Screen)

1.    Tap on the circle with dash lines in the middle.  This can be found on the top right.
2.    Shake sensor until connected.

·       Circle will show green when connected with battery level in the middle. 

How to connect a sensor from my sensor

1.    Tap on the menu.
2.    Tap on My Sensors. 
3.    Tap on the sensor line item.
4.    Shake sensor until connected. 

·     The circle will show black with a green small circle will show when connected with battery level showing in the middle line item. 


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