My sensor is not recording a shot, why might that be?

Last updated over 4 years ago

A-Swings and strokes will not record if:
-A ball is not hit (you must hit a ball).
-Swing time is longer than 2.0 seconds.
-It is a chip or pitch shot under 30 mph.
-The sensor is connected to an opposite handed club (eg. sensor is connected to a right-handed club, but swinging as a lefty).
-It is a putt that does not have enough quiet time at address (holding the putter still at address for the blink of an eye).
-The sensor is misaligned (the head of the blast logo on the sensor is not pointed down the center of the shaft towards the toe of the putter).
-The putt was made on a slick or tile surface (and did not have enough quiet time).
-The putt was made with only 1 hand (and did not have enough quiet time).

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