Blast Golf Android

Does the grip attachment fit my Super Stroke putter grip? Flat Cat grip? Jumbo grip? Midsize grip? Pistolero grip? Any grip?

My club model is not in the app's list of clubs?

My sensor is not recording pitch/chip/short game shots…

My sensor is not recording a shot, why might that be?

I just bought Blast what do I work on first with a putter?

My sensor is not capturing left-handed data…

My putter face rotation is always open/always closed yet I still make the putt, why might that be…?

Can I use the sensor on the golf course?

How to get your attachment and sensor on your clubs?

How do you get your first Metric?

How to view metrics by type?

How do you update user profile information?

How do you connect a sensor?

How to add a club or bag?

How do you arrange metrics?

How do you view metric information?

How do you sign out?

How do you turn sound off?

How do you view different metrics graphs?

How do you view metrics from the graphs?

How do you filter metrics graphs?

How do you connect sensor using Dashboard shortcut?

How do you change club using Progress shortcut?

What are the bottom bar icons?

What is the Training Center?

What is the Training Drills?

How do you do a Standard Drill?

How do you complete an Interactive Drill?

How do you get a progress report?

What are the Metrics for putting?

What are the Metrics for full swing?

What is the Smart Video Capture?

How do you video an action?

How do you share a video?

How do you share a video with Blast Connect?

How do you turn Adaptive Slow-Mo on?

How do you change metric or hide metrics on video?

What is the Dashboard screen?

How do you change the screen view on Dashboard?

How do you turn on Smart Feedback?

How do you turn on Swing Chime?

How do you delete a Strokes in Dashboard?

How do you delete multiple strokes in Dashboard?

What is the Video Library?

What are the video icon in the Video Library?

How do you view stroke?

How do you view filters video options?

How do you delete a video or multiple videos?

How to delete clubs?

How do you show goals?

How do you view what's new?

How do you launch the tool tips?

How do you set Goals?

How do you change level?

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