How do you complete an Interactive Drill?

Last updated over 3 years ago

  1. From the Dashboard screen tap on Training Center
  2. Tap on Putting or Full Swing.
  3. Tap on training Drills.
  4. Select on a drill that has an Interactive drill icon.
  5. The video will play and a quick summary of the drill will show below the video.
  6. When ready to start the Drill tap “Start Drill Now” button.
  7. The app will ask you to choose your skill level.
  • Level 1: Novice
  • Level 2: Intermediate
  • Level 3: Pro
       8.  The drill page will pull and the drill will start.
       9.  When you have completed your swings, tap on the “Finish Drill” button to get the report.


  • Clubs: Shows how many swings have been taken out of the suggested twenty stroke.
  • Stopwatch: A timer of how long the drill has lasted.
  • Metric: The readout of the last swing.
  • Metric Circle Graph: The bar view of where the last swing ranges in blue.
  • Metric Circle Graph Goal: The green portion of the bar representing the goal range.
  • Metric Goal: The skill level goal will show at the bottom of the metric circle.
  • Sound: Every contact swing will give audio feedback sound for when you miss or make the select goal. Also, a feedback sound for when you hit twenty stroke.

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