What are the video tutorial screen options?

Last updated about 3 years ago

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Video tutorial screen options

  • Timeline marker
  • Timeline impact position
  • Share data/ video
  • Metric definitions
  • Metric
  • Frame-by-frame video advance
  • Frame-by-frame video rewind
  • Play / pause video controller
  • Video length time remaining indicator
  • One finger swipe left to see different metrics
  • Two finger swipe left view previous actions                                                                                                                                                                   
Icon summary from left to right

  • Options –  Used for turning Adaptive Slo-Mo & Show Metrics On/Off – only appears when a video is being viewed. (Only show in video playback
  • History: View all sessions that are time and date stamped, see all your actions, and get an in depth look at your stats.
  • Smart Video Capture: Allow you to activate your camera and record using video capture. When you click start, the camera will continue to roll capturing your actions and auto clipping into your history.
  • Metrics: Here you can see all of the metrics you have selected through your metric settings, as well as the ability to tag your best action.
  • Setting: A Clip tab, App tab, User tab, and Help tab will be found in settings. You can see your user setting, identify or change clips, checks to make sure you are connected to a certain clip, organize your metrics, personally design your app, and get help if needed.

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