Blast Basketball

How do you get started with Blast Basketball?

What are the three mode of the Blast Basketball?

How do you place the sensor in the attachment?

What is suggest for the best performance of the sensor?

How do you charge the sensor?

What is the Smart Video Capture?

How do you capture a video?

What are the video tutorial screen options?

How do you tag?

How do you Sign Out?

How to connect your sensor?

How do you turn on Smart Feedback?

How do you change the metric order?

How do you select metrics?

How do you change viewing options?

How do you turn off prescriptions?

How do you turn sound off?

How do you change images of the app?

Where is the support options on the app?

What is the stats tab in Blast Basketball?

What is the session tab in Blast Basketball?

What is the history tab in Blast Basketball?

What is Vertical Height?

What is Hang Time?

What is Rotation?

What is Acceleration?

What is the Metrics screen?

How do you use the clip attachment?

What are the reason the actions will not capture?

Do you have the option to view the video in regular speed if you tape in slow motion option?

How to share your video and metrics?

How do you complete firmware update?

If I share, send or post videos taken in Adaptive Slow-Mo, will my friends be able to view them in Adaptive Slow-Mo?

Will the sensor capture actions if I receive a call, lock the device, minimize, or launch another application while playing?

What does the sensor track and measure?

Can more than one player use the app at the same time?

Can I perform jumps back-to-back actions?

What should I do if Smart Video Capture doesn’t work?

How do I connect the sensor to the app for a returning user?

My sensor doesn’t connect to the app. What should I do?

I can’t create a new account. What should I do?

I can’t log into my account. What should I do?

How do I turn the sensor on or off?

Can I use my sensor with multiple devices?

How can I compare actions?

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