Do you have the option to view the video in regular speed if you tape in slow motion option?

Last updated over 4 years ago

  • If you take the video in slow motion you have the option to see in regular speed. 
    • The Adaptive Slow-Mo is slow motion video record and playback of a user’s action. The Blast app automatically detects a user’s actions and creates a series of video highlight. If you want to see the highlight clip in real time the option is available. Tapping the menu options icon in the bottom left of the screen and toggling Adaptive Slow-Mo can turn off Adaptive Slow-Mo. This option can be done when viewing actions in history.  Videos recorded using Adaptive Slow-Mo will have a dashed circle next to the playback arrow in the upper left of the thumbnail. The Adaptive Slow-Mo can be found in iPhone 5s - higher and iPad Air 2 and higher.

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