What are the recommended Tripods?

Last updated over 4 years ago

Tripod is a necessary accessory for having a great experience while using Blast Vision, especially when attempting to capture all high and low shots.  But with so many tripods available, we want to provide you with guidelines and multiple manufacture options.

Tripod Guidelines:    
·      The ideal tripod height for video capture should be 35 – 45 inches.
·      The ideal tripod should be portable. 
·      Purchase a sturdy tripod to prevent any camera shake.
·      Purchase the correct tripod mount for your device (iPhone or iPad).
·      Purchase a tripod and mount that are compatible. 

Tripod & Mounts Manufactures: 
·      Slik – Tripods   
·      Gitzo – Tripods 
·      Vanguard – Tripods 
·      Manfrotto – Tripods 
·      Joby – iPad & iPhone Mounts.
·      Tripod & Mounts can also be found on Amazon.com. 

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