Blast Vision iOS

What is needed to get started?

What are the supported devices for Blast Vision?

How to install Blast Vision?

What are the recommended Tripods?

How to get started?

What are the Blast Vision video replay icons?

How to setup the camera for Blast Vision?

How do your replay the last shot ?

How do you change the Siri Metric Feedback?

How do you turn on live mode?

How to stop a capture?

How do you close the Smart Video Capture?

How to view Session List?

How to open a session card?

How to delete session?

How to edit session details?

How to view videos?

How to find video from spray chart?

How to export video?

How to export all session videos?

How to view Quick Start Videos?

How to change camera distance?

How to change launch angle goals?

How to change units of measurement?

How to check account status?

What are the tripod guidelines for best results?

Why isn’t the app detecting the ball?

Where can I find a tripod?

I didn’t hit the ball. Why did the app detect a swing?

Why do the metrics seem wrong?

What are the applications for Blast Vision? (Baseball/Golf/Softball)

What is a session?

How many device can the app be used on a purchased subscription?

What swing speed is needed to have a valid swing?

What is the video size?

Where will the app be available (geographically)?

Does Blast Vision require a Blast sensor to operate?

Will Blast Vision support Android?

Can Blast Vision detect ball spin like a launch monitor?

Where can Blast Vision be used?

What's the accuracy of Blast Vision?

Does Blast Vision require Blast Connect?

Does Blast Vision only work with one sport like the products?

What hardware is required to run Blast Vision?

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