Why isn’t the app detecting the ball?

Last updated over 4 years ago


·      Try moving the camera farther away—especially for higher-speed shots. A fast-moving ball close to the camera (e.g., 6-8 feet) isn’t in the field of view long enough to be tracked. For drivers, woods, and home runs, we recommend setting up the camera 10-12 feet from the flight line.

·      Try moving the camera forward, in front of the impact location. Sometimes just one or two extra frames of ball flight make all the difference. It’s okay if you and the ball are slightly outside the field of view.

·      Is there adequate lighting? Some indoor environments do not have enough light to support a high shutter speed. This makes the ball more difficult to detect.

·      Is the camera handheld? It’s difficult to hold the camera still enough for Blast Vision to work properly. We’ll warn you if we detect too much motion, but handheld results may vary. We recommend a tripod.

·      Is the camera overheating? The device can get hot in direct sunlight. When this happens, the processor slows down to protect itself. It might be time to take a break.

·      Are you running other applications in the background? Analyzing high-speed video takes a lot of processing power. Try closing other applications.

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