What is the Help & Tips?

Last updated about 3 years ago

The Help section provides additional tools and resources to enhance familiarization with the app. The Help & Tips contains User Guide, App Overview, FAQs, Tech Support, Call Help Desk, Legal, About and Ky Features.

Getting Started

It is a general walk through of the first step of using the app.



How It Works (User Guide)

Provides links to The Basics, Progress, Menu, Training Center, Smart Video Capture, Dashboard, and Video Library.

  • The Basics: Detailed guide about getting started.
  • Progress: Detailed guide of the home screen.
  • Menu: Detailed guide about the featured options of the menu.
  • Training Center: Detailed guide to learn about metrics.
  • Smart Video Capture: Detailed guide of how to capture video.
  • Dashboard: Detailed guide of how to view metrics.
  • Video Library: Detailed guide about metrics, and videos.


Provides questions and answers to most common questions.

Metric Definitions

Metric Definition is an index of the metric meaning.

Tech Support

The links to Open Support Ticket, Call Help Desk, Reset Sensor, Clear and Reset Sensor, and Support Website are visible.


Provides information on Regulatory, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use.


About is the copyright information about the Blast Golf.

Key Features

The Key Features are the main features of the app.

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