Spider Interactive Android

What is the Spider Interactive Powered by Blast?

How do you connect a sensor?

What's in the Box?

What are the Supported Activities: Putting?

What are the Compatible Devices?

How do you find and install the Spider Interactive App?

How do you install the sensor?

How do you upload offline strokes?

What is the Progress Screen?

How do you view swings?

How do to view swings from graph?

How do you view swings from landscape graph?

How do you view metrics low, average, and high?

How do you filter by equipment and by time?

How do you view Goals?

How do you set Goals?

How do you capture a video?

How do you delete action?

How do you update profile picture?

What is the Profile Menu?

What is the Bio tab?

What is the Coach tab?

What is the Account tab?

What is the Blast Connect tab?

What is the Setting?

How to arrange metrics?

How do you view metric information?

How do you turn sound off?

What is the Help & Tips?

How do you sign out?

What is the progress screen?

How do you view different metric graphs?

How do you view metrics from graphs?

How do you filter metrics graphs?

How do you connect sensor using Dashboard shortcut?

How do you change club using Progress shortcut?

How do you view goal information?

What is the Training Center?

How do you do the Training Drills?

What are Pro Tips?

What is are the icons on video tutorial screen?

What is the Smart Video Capture?

What are the Putt Metrics?

How to video a putt?

How to share a video?

How do you share a video with Blast Connect?

How do you turn adaptive slow mo (on supported devices)?

How do you change metric or hide metrics on video?

What is the Dashboard?

How do you turn on Smart Feedback?

How do you tag a swing?

How do you tag best Stroke?

How do you turn on Swing Chime?

How do you delete a Stroke in Dashboard?

How do you delete multiple stroke in Dashboard?

How do you change Levels and Drills?

What is the Video Library?

How do you understand the video icons?

How do you view a putt?

How do you view filter video options?

How do you delete a video or multiple videos?

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