What are the requirements for CE/CME certification?

Last updated about 1 year ago

ACT for Beginners, Trauma-Focused ACT, ACT for Adolescents and ACT for Depression and Anxiety online courses offer 16 CE/CME credit hours and ACT as a Brief Intervention and ACT for Grief and Loss offer 8 CE/CME credit hours, providing the following requirements have been met:

1.  An overall quiz score of at least 75%.  
  • Quiz questions from the entire course are included in this overall total.   
  • You must answer the question correctly within three attempts.
2. The course must be completed in full.
3.  Payment of a non-refundable USD$20 processing fee paid before the completion of your course.
4.  Submission of post-course evaluation form.  

If you're still enrolled in a course and would like CE/CME credits, but have not paid the USD$20 processing fee, please contact us at support@psychwire.org  or click on the relevant payment links below:

ACT for Beginners CE payment link
Trauma-Focused ACT CE payment link
ACT for Adolescents CE payment link
ACT for Depression & Anxiety Disorders payment link
ACT as a Brief Intervention payment link
ACT for Grief and Loss payment link