Quiz Questions and Score Calculation

Last updated over 1 year ago

An overall quiz score of 75% or higher is required in order to receive CE/CME credits.

  • Where are the quiz questions located?  
    • Quiz questions are located at the end of each week of the course.
  • What is the format of the questions?  
    • Most questions are multiple choice, some are true/false.
  • How many questions are there?  
    • Between 64 and 160 quiz questions, depending upon the course.
  • Do all of the questions count toward my score?  
    • Yes.  All quiz questions are counted toward your score.
  • What happens if I answer a multiple choice question incorrectly?
    • If you miss a multiple choice question, you will immediately have two more opportunities to answer the question correctly.
    • If you answer correctly on your second or third attempt, then you will receive credit for the question.
    • If you answer incorrectly on your third attempt, you will not receive credit for the question.
  • What happens if I answer a true/false question incorrectly?
    • The question will be marked as incorrect and you will not have an opportunity to try again.
  • Can I take a make-up exam if I don't pass?  
    • Unfortunately, no.  We do not allow make-up exams.  
    • If you miss a multiple choice question on the first attempt, you will need to answer correctly on the second or third attempt in order to receive credit.  
  • How is my final score calculated?
    • The number of correct/credited answers will be divided by the total number of quiz questions, and the result will be your final score.
    • Example:
                                           A course has 160 questions.
                                           You answered 15 of them incorrectly, which leaves 145 that you can receive credit for.
                                           Divide 145 by 160 and the result is 91%.
                                           Therefore, your overall quiz score is 91%.