What is the refund and cancellation policy?

Last updated over 1 year ago

  • If you are unsatisfied with the course or become unable to complete the course, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you notify us within 7 days of the commencement of the course. (Note: For DBT Skills and DBT Skills for Adolescents & Families courses only)
  • For those who are enrolled in the DBT Comprehensive Online Program and are unable to complete the program, we offer a refund if you request one within 7 days of registration.
  • While we can’t provide a refund after 7 days of the course commencement, if you are unable to complete the course due to extenuating circumstances, please contact our customer service team to discuss the possibility of deferring to a future course run. 
  • If Psychwire Australia Pty Ltd finds it necessary to delay the start date of a course, all registrants will be notified by email and provided an opportunity to request a refund.
  • If Psychwire Australia Pty Ltd cancels a course, participants will be notified via email and will be granted a refund in full.  Credit card payments will be refunded only to the credit card used for the purchase of the course.
  • To request a refund or deferral please contact us by clicking the blue circle at the bottom of the right-hand side of your screen or email us at support@psychwire.org.