My opponent didn't play by the rules. What do I do?

Last updated over 2 years ago

We're sorry to hear you had this issue! Please make sure to read all the rules on your match page.  This extremely important before you dispute.  We judge on fair play here at Players' Lounge, so please be fully aware of the match rules.

"My opponent set the match to 4min when it was supposed to be 5min"
"My opponent used a team that we didn't agree on"
"My opponent used West Coast playbook"
"My opponent set it to All-Pro instead of All-Madden"
"My opponent used a different gamertag"

If you receive an invitation on your console that does not match the rules laid out on your match page, do not play the match. If you play the match, lose and submit a dispute, we can't approve your dispute.