How can I direct customers to my calendar?

Last updated almost 4 years ago

Just make sure they have your calendar link, that's it! They will be able to see available slots and book you. Customers cannot see other customer appointments.

Here are three good ways to make sure they can get to your calendar.

Suggestion 1. Post your link anywhere

Your custom link looks similar to this:  (Remember making it?)

Suggestion 2. Place a button on your website

Just insert this one line code snippet, but don't forget to change the URL to point to your calendar.

<div style="text-align:center"><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Schedule an appointment on Visibook" src=""></a></div>

This button will show up on your site:
visibook-online-scheduling-button.png 7.34 KB

Suggestion 3. Post your link on Facebook

If you uploaded your logo, it'll look something like this:
annie-wang-sample-facebook-og-link.png 18.45 KB

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