Blast Connect Baseball - Academy

What is Blast Connect? (Baseball - Academy)

Who is blast Connect for?

How do I cancel my subscription?

Do I need a Blast Motion sensor to use Blast Connect?

How do I sign up for Blast Connect? (Academy)

If I cancel my subscription during trial period, does it get cancelled right away?

If I cancel my subscription after the trial period, will I get a refund?

Is it possible to cancel my subscription on the last day of my paid period?

How will I know when my subscription is up for renewal?

Who can see my profile and stats?

How can I customize Blast connect?

How do I connect my sensor?

How do I see my Blast Metrics in Blast Connect?

How do I disconnect my sensor from Blast Connect?

How do you filter Players?

How do you view Swing Quality - Graph?

How do you view Team Reports?

How do you view BodiTrak metrics?

How do you view Videos only?

Are my files private, and who would have access to them?

Is there a file size limit?

How do you Add Files?

How do I share a file with someone else?

How do I use the Analysis Tool?

Where do I go to add a payment source for my academy?

As an owner or coach, how do I use my payment source to pay for another user’s Blast Connect subscription?

How do I create a Workout or Practice?

How do I complete a Workout or Practice?

How do you manage rosters?

How do you delete a Roster?

How do I create a roster?

Where are the videos that I uploaded from my App?

How do I export my metrics / data to an CSV or Excel file?

How do you send a message?

How do you add event in calendar?

How do you bulk upload members? (On Screen)

How do you bulk upload members? (Spreadsheet)

How do you search?

How do you add Assessment?

How do you view academy Activity Feed?

How do you update Profile?

How do you update Password?

How do you Unlink a sensor?

How do you delete credit card?

How do you update a credit card information?

How do you add the Add-On?

How do you Edit Academy?

How do you Logout?

How do I view Videos? (Media Library)

How do you add video?

How do I delete video?

How do I share video?

How do you download video?

What is the Training Center?

How do you add workout from Training?

How do you add practices from Training?

How do you create assessments in assessment?

How do you manage assessment categories?

How do you customized assessments?

How do you view assessments?

How do you manage assessment?

How do you delete assessments?

How do you edit Assessments?

How do you filter Team Report for Multi-Players Sessions?

How do you Delete Sessions?

How to filter by all or roster?

How to filter metrics by More Filters?

How to filter metrics by dates?

How to Search Player?

How to select Player Insights?

How to sort by player name, swing count, or PCR?

How to Export Metrics Reports?

How to filter View?

How to see All Metrics?

How to view more information?

How to filter by Performance?

How to filter ranking amount?

How to customize ranking?

How to filter Environment tag?

How to view Swing Details only?

How to view Swings Details notes?

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